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I started showing goldens in 1987. Montana's Top Breeder, & one of the NorthWest's Top Breeder of Health Tested, AKC Champion Golden Retrevers. Dedicated to producing the highest quality golden retrievers. Two-time recipient of AKC's Gold Medallion Award --AKC's highest award for breeders. We breed quality, healthy, well socialized golden retriever puppies from Health Tested AKC Champions. More information about us»


Whether they are show dogs or or pets. Mattiaci golden retrievers are sold only to people and families seeking an indoor family dog who will not be just a hunting dog, but a family member. Puppies available: About our puppies»

Older Trained Puppies

We occasionally have older puppies for homes not interested in the young puppy stages: Click here for current information of Puppies with Training Available Now»

Our Goldens

Beederof 17 AKC Golden Champions under the Mattiaci prefix. From our first golden retriever UD of the 80's & Champions to our current string of Champions and dogs we are showing, with all heath clearance information listed in the top left corner of every page and K9data pedigree listed. See our golden retrievers here»

Pickup and Flying with your Puppy or Dog

We have homes that come from all over the US to pick up a dog or puppy from us. Located between 3 airports, it is just as easy to fly with your dog or puppies if not easier than driving if you are from out of MT.

There are Mattiaci golden retriever puppies throughout the United States and overseas! We are very experienced in flying with our dogs and shipping dogs and puppies, read more here»

Mattiaci Golden Retrievers Reflect the Best in the Breed

Shown Below: Champion Mattiaci Aerials In The Sky,
shown here winning his 2nd Specialty show major under Breeder-Judge Ainsle Mills
from the Bred By Exhibitor class at the Northern Flyway Golden Retriever Club in WI!

Shown Above:
Happy 13th birthday to our Champion golden Laura!
For her birthday, Dan & Linda Owen took her to the ranch so she could
do our daily walk/run/swim with all of our other goldens.

2015 Florence Josephs, Mattiaci Golden Retrievers
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